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What is the best way to lead people through digital transformation? How can we shape and design this process? What is the adequate approach for this fundamental change? I believe ambidextrous leadership provides a solution... Welcome to my blog! Feel free to enter!

Ambidextrie Ambidexterity Julia Duwe

What is the right way to lead people through digital transformation?

We know for sure that there is no way out of this tremendous technological and cultural change... It is taking place in every area of our lives, whether this is in our private lives or in the industrial world. However, if we ask these kinds of questions, there is hardly one universal answer for how to successfully shape our digital future.

Yet, the demands on companies are constantly increasing. The American research company Gartner recently predicted that more than 20 billion objects will be networked in the Internet of the Things within the next three years. In the medium to long term, only those market players will remain competitive who manage to position themselves in the new ecosystem of the Industrial Internet of Things.

How will companies successfully adapt to the new requirements?

How will a car manufacturer turn into a provider of digital mobility solutions? How will a supplier of automation components turn into a company for digital automation platforms? How can we change and adapt to new requirements, even though today's business pays our salaries? The only way is to look at both worlds at the same time, the present and the future business and to choose an ambidextrous strategy.

This blog is set up as a journey through digital transformation. Its focus is on the changing nature of leadership in technology companies. It will provide a series of stories, reflections, ideas on ambidextrous organizations in the era of digital business platforms, and ecosystems. In different articles we will deal (or struggle) with the art of organizational ambidexterity - a special ability to orchestrate, balance and connect people that improve todays business and explore tomorrows opportunities at the same time.

This blog will provide you with impulses on digital leadership and ideas about how to get ready for digital business ecosystems. Welcome!


Release date: December 1, 2017

Editor-in-chief: Julia Duwe

Language: German / English

Runtime: 12-24 months

Headquarters located in: Stuttgart, Germany

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