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Why research and development (R+D) needs ambidexterity – and why effective collaboration is so important.

Ambidexterity at TRUMPF Machine Tools R+D: Foto: J. Ottnad

Explore and exploit

After four exciting years at TRUMPF Machine Tools, I'd like to thank my R+D colleagues for the time we spent working together. Sometimes, when we were busy developing radically new digital solutions for sheet metal manufacturing, the tried-and-tested ways of doing things no longer worked. What helped us then was to exploit the well-known approaches and combine them with new disciplines and explorative ways of working in one collaborative ecosystem.

Read more about ambidexterity at TRUMPF in the article by Ramona Hönl: "Working together is the key to digital transformation"

Further reading: The German Plattform Industrie 4.0 has published a discussion paper on the importance of organizational ambidexterity in digital innovation

The discussion paper explores the importance of organizational ambidexterity in digital innovation for a successful Industrie 4.0 pivot. It shows examples of how leading connected enterprises are honing in on ambidexterity and business model transformation to build organizational culture and achieve Industrie 4.0 objectives; it makes recommendations on how organizations can proceed.

"Ambidexterity: Product Development in the NEW" by Plattform Industrie 4.0

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