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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

In this a16z podcast episode Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino explains how rebels positively affect their workplace and what makes rule breaking positive. #MyFavorites

To study tradition and then to question it - that is one of the basic values of the positive rebels. With their "plussing" or "yes, and" attitude towards the world they listen and respect the status quo. But they do not take it for granted - which is the starting point of their curiosity.

The force of curiosity

Francesca Gino, a social scientist who studies organizations, explains that we are born with curiosity. But curiosity reaches its peak at the age of four or five years and then goes back again...

With rebels it is different. They seem to keep their sense of wonder as they approach the world. They love to stretch themselves far out, and they have a strong desire to seek challenges rather than comfort and familiarity.

So let's try this at work tomorrow: "I accept the idea, but I do not take it for granted". By the way, this is also a good question for ambidextrous leaders.

Listen to the a16z podcast:

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