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Great Books - Part I

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

In the category „Great Books“ inspiring pieces of work will be shared with you that fascinated me on my digital transformation journey… Today, there are three books that I would like to recommend.

  1. "Digital to the Core" by Mark Raskino and Graham Waller from Gartner INC.

  2. "Visual Thinking" by Dutch designer Willemien Brand

  3. "Your Strategy Needs a Strategy" by Boston Consulting Group’s Martin Reeves, Knut Haanaes, and Janmejaya Sinha

"Digital to the Core - Remastering Leadership for Your Industry, Your Enterprise, and Yourself"

If you love tennis (and I do), you'll love this book... Mark Raskino's and Graham Waller's protagonist is Rafael Nadal playing the first few strokes with a 'Connect' racquet by Babolat (French firm for tennis equipment). A racquet equipped with a battery, sensors, and wirless communications was going to change the rules of the tradtional tennis game. And so will intelligent things keep on changing games in all areas of our every day life. The authors, both Gartner analysts, call it a “resolution revolution” that “will take over every product in every industry. The data being gathered within the products, and the precision of control that can be exercised over their use and monetization, will become ever more detailed...” (p. 28). A brilliant book that helped me to learn more deeply about digital transformation and how it will affect value creation, business models, and core competencies of companies and industries.

Raskino, M.; Waller, G. (2015): Digital to the Core. Remastering Leadership for Your Industry, Your Enterprise, and Yourself. (Gartner INC.) Brookline, MA.

"Visual Thinking"

With Visual Thinking, the Dutch designer Willemien Brand has created a masterpiece for guiding design thinking beginners through their first steps in drawing and visual communication. It is made for interdisciplinary business settings. Brand is said to have turned her passion for drawing and design into her life’s work. In this book she shares this passion with companies throughout the world as one of the leading figures in the visual communication community. The book provides an easy to follow introduction into the basics of visual thinking and drawing techniques for everyday business settings. Let's try it out...

Brand, Willemien (2017): Visual Thinking. Empowering People & Organizations Through

Visual Collaboration. Amsterdam: BIS Publishers.

"Your Strategy Needs a Strategy: How to Choose and Execute the Right Approach"

The three strategy consultants of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Martin Reeves, Knut Haanaes and Janmejaya Sinha, offer a method to determin the adequate strategy approach for your company. With what they call „Shaping“ they introduce a strategic approach that supports the world of ecosystems and platform economies: „Firms need to deploy a shaping strategy, when there is an opportunity to write or rewrite the rules of an industry at a nascent stage of its evolution“ (Reeves, Haanaes, Sinha, 2015, p. 118). In contrast to strategic approaches that build upon efficiency measures, „Shaping“ is good for organizations that want to gain flexibility, become more innovative and adaptive to changing environments. If you're interested in ecosystems management from a strategy perspective, this is the perfect introduction.

Reeves, M.; Haanaes, K.; Sinha, J. (2015): Your Strategy Needs a Strategy: How to Choose

and Execute the Right Approach. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press.

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