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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

BEIDHÄNDIGE FÜHRUNG has now been released at Springer Gabler

Revolution or evolution? Exploration or exploitation? In times of digital transformation most companys have to follow BOTH if they want to survive in the long term.

They must exploit and improve their current business and simultanenously find new digital business opportunities. For leaders the question of how to deal with these fundamentally opposing paradigms becomes more and more a serious concern.

Yet, corporate success stories today largely depend on the ability of leaders to orchestrate BOTH: today's business AND tomorrow's solutions for a digital future.

The management book "Beidhändige Führung" (Ambidextrous Leadership) addresses this leadership challenge. It takes its readers on a journey through both worlds - through exploitation and exporation. It has now been released at the German publisher Springer Gabler.

"Beidhändige Führung" describes the theory of organizational ambidexterity and provides practical insights for dealing with this delicate balancing act in everyday life.

Ambidexterity requires a high level flexibility and adaptability from people in organizations. The book therefore offers communication-based tools that facilitate the management of incremental and radical innovation and that help to balance both worlds at the same time.


Release date: November 30, 2017 (1 edition)

Publisher: Springer Gabler, Germany

Language: German

199 pages

ISBN 978-3-662-55855-3

Read more at Springer Gabler

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