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Management Book: "Beidhändige Führung" (Ambidextrous Leadership)

Evolution or Revolution? During digital transformation most executives have to follow both if they want their company to survive in the middle or long term: They need to exploit and boost their current business while simultaneously searching for new digital business opportunities, platforms and ecosystems. For leaders the question of how to deal with these fundamentally opposing paradigms becomes more and more a serious concern.

Beidhändige Führung supports you to orchestrate, balance and connect these two different worlds in big organizations.

  • It is a practical leadership guide to designing digital change

  • It provides the theoretical background and practical insights (e.g. interviews) for ambidextrous leadership

  • It contains simple communication-based tools for the management of incremental and radical innovation

  • It introduces the art of Ecosystems Thinking

The management book Beidhändige Führung seeks to prepare leaders in big organizations for new challenges during digital transformation. While technologies and markets are radically changing, ambidexterity turns out to be the most important mental model and leadership skill for global companies: During digitization firms must improve their everyday business (exploitation). At the same time they need to develop new business opportunities in order to survive in the future (exploration). Ambidexterity is the art of being equally good at both - the present and the future business.

The dilemma

However, executives increasingly find themselves in this dilemma at the moment. How to deal with fundamentally opposing paradigms becomes more and more a serious concern.

Managers grew up and live in hierarchical structures. They have to control the execution of plans and they implement and roll out global efficiency programs. Yet, at the same time, platforms, digital ecosystems and movements that can hardly be controlled by hierarchical power and top-down authority spread all over the globe. Here, control becomes a mere illusion.

The new communities do not respond to command and control. If anything, they need an agile human-centric culture and leadership approach based on a high amount of flexibilty, inspiration and continuous support.

The solution offered

Whether you are CEO, senior manager, project leader - this books offers you a bundle of communication tools that can be used in the course of everyday operations in both paradigms - the present and the future. On 199 pages, various practical examples, interviews and concrete tools are provided for leading through exploitation, exploration and for connecting the two worlds.

Based on the simple switch of your communicative behavior you learn how to support traditional structures and promote the emergence and growth of a new mindset and culture.

With a preface of Dr. Eberhard Veit, former CEO of Festo and representative of the steering commitee of the German initiative "Plattform Industrie 4.0". Free download at


Some facts:

Julia Duwe

Beidhändige Führung

Publisher: Springer Gabler; 1 edition (November 30, 2017)

199 pages

Language: German

ISBN 978-3-662-55855-3



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